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This is a book about developing the courage and learning to BE love by stepping out of fear and illusion. Many, whom consider themselves to be on a spiritual path, eventually discover that humans are multidimensional beings. Every person has a purpose of being on the planet at this time. Although we may each have different vocations, or choice of lifestyles, we are here to awaken ourselves and one another to the promised "age of peace". We do this by simply being who we TRULY are.

In this book, as well as through his beingness, Keith helps the reader recognize that our true nature is to be love, loving and peaceful in all situations. There is light in even the darkest moments when one is able to view the moment through the eyes of love. Within any darkness there are opportunities to learn lessons that eventually lead us into light.

Through Keith's story, the reader can learn how paralyzing fear can be. Fear can hold us back from realizing our true nature, and how to express our true self out into the world.

Keith is one who can experience other dimensions, while simultaneously being awake in the third dimension. Keith was born into this life with a beautiful gift. However, because of the lack of awareness that many people have, he grew to believe that there was something wrong with him. He was "different", or so he and others thought. However, he is not so different. He is simply one of the blessed few who can easily move through multiple dimensions simultaneously and was born knowing his true self. 

This book has broad appeal, as many people have had experiences that could not be explained through "normal" levels of awareness. In order to "fit in" with the mainstream, those of us who have had those experiences may have chosen to hide from them. Keith writes about seeing into his own future, and at times fearing what he saw. The fear was due to the lack of understanding, in the moment, that indeed there is light contained in every experience. This is a book that can help the reader to look to the other side of uncomfortable experiences and to let the light shine fully from their heart. As the heart light illumines the darkness, we have the opportunity to remember who we are and why we are incarnate on the earth at this time.

I am grateful to Keith for claiming the courage to BE a guiding light of love for all who are blessed to read this book and to know Keith's true self.

Love, peace and infinite blessings,

Laurelle Shanti Gaia, president
Infinite Light Healing Studies Center, Inc.
Sedona, Arizona, USA and 
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Imagine being 5 years old and having actual visions of the trauma that you would have to endure in your life years before it would unfold.

Becoming aware of the future pain you would have to overcome - as well feeling the pain before it even began. Would you want to go on in life?

Keith 'saw' 30-40 years into what his life would become - he saw into what would appear to be his past lives as well. He saw all this while trying to be a 5 year old child.

He would uncover secret sexual abuse at his Junior & Senior High School. 

He lived through years of physical/emotional and psychological abuse from the other victims to keep him quiet. A scandal that has gone on in many schools all over the world and just like those schools it has never been reported due to the fact many do not want to deal with the realities of life.
A Real Life Story bigger than what most
are willing to comprehend
Keith would learn he could discern and see spirits. He would learn to discern spirits of much light and spirits of less than light. He would deal with actual demons and spirits of people that have not passed on and ascended when their physical bodies died.

He would see and feel things that he had no way to explain to others around him, they could not hear or see the truth through their own fears.

He would have to wait until he was much older when spirit would guide him to a space of time when he could come forward and be protected during an age of awakening for all.

This is a story bigger than the book itself.

This is a story of survival not only of a small child but the future survival of the human race itself as it remembers they are Spiritual Beings coming forward presenting themselves as human.

This is a story that surpasses the 5 year old boy and the man he has become.

This story is about you the reader, your states of comprehension your abilities of compassion and love. Your abilities of remembering your Soul through time is at stake.

This story is about your 'Awaking Spirit and the reclamation of being' through the ages of time. 

There is no need for fear  -

The history of the manipulation by fear is over.

Are you able to read this book, this story of life and survival and separate from your own Ego, Personality, Opinions, Judgment and Learned Knowledge to see through multidimensional realms of who you actually are?