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Now available Keith's Autobiography.
A multi-dimensional journey from a small child to current day.

LAST DAYS OF REGULAR Retail hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday the 16th 17th and 18th of May 11 AM to 7 PM or by chance/appointment - THEN APPOINTMENT ONLY
Therapy & Student Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 9 AM - 8PM by appointment
Is metamorphosing into

ANSWER: Many years ago The Holistic Center was created for Holistic Therapies and classes. A couple years after that, clients and those that attended classes and circles asked us to expand and offer retail products. We did this for many years. We expanded in ways we would not have been able to, had we not been open to the public - with set hours, so people could browse and gently learn about 'Holistic Products and therapies' at their own pace.

We were careful to create an over head that we could control, which allowed us to have very fair prices on retail products we offered. We knew at some point we might want to pull back, and create more boundaries with the center. It was a good way to gently introduce those that were fearful, to spirit/mind/body concepts. It is curious that while some local people still do not understand, or even know we exist, we have reached an audience that is worldwide over the years.

We have lost count how many times people will show up on our doorstep - telling stories how they didn't know where they were going that morning, but knew they needed to go somewhere. They go on to tell us - how they got in their car, as if they were heeding a calling of spirit, leading them to a destination to help them. They tell us of the journey and how they got here. (oftentimes from many hours away) After we explain that we are used to this happening, we show them the center to sit and talk. They get the messages, and help they had been brought to us for. We have slowed down on much of our advertising over the last few years due to this. Why spend money on advertising, when the higher spirit realm is already bringing people in. It makes much more sense to foster those connections, and build upon the work with the people that are open with their freed will, for what we have to offer in service to others.

Due to all this, Keith has decided to realign the energies of the center and what it offers. Focusing less on retail and more on clients, students, and creating circles and events; for those interested to attend.

Much of what Keith now offers for service, has evolved in ways that are too ineffable to even explain to the uninitiated, without setting up  - the individual boundaries their comprehension needs, within the experience. As they allow Keith to attempt to hold the space for them, within the boundaries of a session, the person can learn to comprehend the 'Transcendence' that can come about from it.

It is up to each person themselves, if they are willing to learn or not. We can attempt to facilitate teachings, but a person needs to be willing to work with the processes of their own unique consciousness. With his lifetime of psychic and spiritual experiences as a foundation, Keith attempts to help guide a person to 'come to their own senses' and realize the true abilities that we all have access to, as a normal part of the blessing of life.

Since Keith had his Autobiography 'Awaking Spirit reclamation of being' published, he is being guided to spend more time writing other books. He also is working on publishing a series of meditation CDS that will be available for purchase soon. The refocusing of the business will allow Keith the boundaries needed to hold space for others as well as working on his new projects.


ANSWER:  YES, (This is confusing for some to understand, we have done our best to hold space for people to comprehend what we are doing). We will be offering retail products (for our clients, students and those that attend events) while they are here. All retail purchases will take place when people have booked appointments for services and or attending events on the premises. This way there is less retail distraction, and for retail purposes we can focus more clearly on the items to offer those that come here. We will be able to better specialize in products that make the most sense to carry. We are discontinuing certain product lines and highlighting the uses of others.
We will also be offering certain products, on regular deep discounted pricing, to better support those that support us.


ANSWER:  Originally the name: The Holistic Center, was decided on - to better define all the things we offered, from products to services, with many practitioners over the years. The focus was on the place itself. Now, since the focus will be on the services and teachings that Keith offers, it was decided a new name should help symbolize that transition. The name 'Transcendence' is a choice of words, that symbolizes the energy of what Keith attempts to hold the space for, in working with others and with his own growth. Thus 'Transcendence with Keith Joseph Chouinard' was the simplest, and made the most sense, for the aim of the transformation we are creating.

Keith (as many others) believes everyone has the ability to go within their spirit, to discover the true light of their soul. In discovering our soul, we discover our spirit more intensely. We learn to discern the frequencies of the light of our spirit (as opposed to less than light, of illusions of who/what we are). As we experience the vibrational energy of our spirit, we can better learn how to co-manifest with all there is. The incarnation of our physical bodies, and the realities we live within, are better understood - when we know which direction we are actually coming from.